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Online Store Policies

The prices of the products:

  • The price shown on the website next to each product is the current product price. The site may update the prices of the products offered for purchase on the site from time to time, regardless of when the purchase was made on the site, and without the need for notification./   without any notification.

  • The site may offer various promotions and discounts from time to time on the site, and change or terminate them at any time, all at its discretion. 

Delivery Policy: 

  • The site will ensure the delivery of an order of products made on the site to the customer's address as entered by him when making the purchase on the site. 

  • Orders for products placed on the website will be handled and delivered on the following schedules: 

    •  Up to 7 business days: by courier to the house, with shipping fees as stated on the website at the time of purchase; 

    •  By prior arrangement: self-collection from one of the site's stores, depending on the days and hours of operation, without the cost of delivery fees. "Business day" - Sundays through Thursdays, excluding national Sabbaths, holiday eves and days when banks in Israel are closed. 

  • The minimum amount for an order on the website is NIS 50. The website may update the minimum amount for an order on the website from time to time.

  • The cost of the order does not include the shipping cost. The shipping cost may be updated from time to time as stated on the website. 

  • In the event that a product ordered on the website is not available in stock, the website will inform the customer. If the person ordering is not available, the site will deliver the order without the missing product. 

  • If the customer is not present at home when the courier arrives, at the time agreed with him in advance, the order will be returned and sent once more after payment of additional shipping fees by the customer. 


  • Delivery of orders will be possible within the borders of the State of Israel, with the exception of the Judea and Samaria region, Eilat and the Arava settlements, and subject to the following conditions: 

    •  There is reasonable accessibility to the place of order; 

    •  The site's delivery company makes a distribution in the same area; 

    •  If it is an organization, institution or settlement that cannot be reached without special permission and/or where there is no regulated registration of streets and/or house numbers, the order will be delivered to the central distribution point in that place. 

  • The site will not be responsible for any delay and/or delay in delivery and/or non-delivery, which will result from: 

    •  Force majeure and/or events beyond the website's control; 

    •  Parties related to the shipping/ courier  company; 

    •  Closing the business  / economy so that the activity of the site and/or its suppliers and/or service providers will be affected, for any reason. 

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