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DUALSKY Brushless Smoke Pump Adjustable Flow Oil Pump Gasoline Jet Engine RC Airplane

DP-1000 Smoke pump

415.00 ₪Price
    • Dimension:  L 70 x W 26 x H 36 mm
    • Weight:  89g
    • Nominal Voltage:  7.4V 2S Lipo
    • Working Current : 0.9A @7.4V
    • Motor : XM1806PU, Outrunner Brushless
    • Drive Module :  HM-ESC, Brushless Sensorless
    • Singal Format :   PWM, 1150µs to 1850µs
    • Quantity of Flow (QoF):  1000PPM @7.4V,  1330PPM @8.0V
    • Fully Aluminium Case :   YES CNC-made
    • Gear pump :   YES Carbon composites
    • Accessories :    1x Festo PK-4 Filter

                                   1x Check valve

                                   1x T-connection

                                   1x Oil Tube

                                   3x Mount Screws

                                  2x Sponge tape

    • Recommended battery : XP10002ECO, 25C 7.4V 1000mAh
    • Applications:   Smoking Systems for Giant or Jet Models


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