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SUMMIT 120HV - 120 amps, 14S Lipo, OPTO, anti-spark - Full CNC ALU. case - All new smart core, 32-bit ARM, supports upto 300,000 ERPM - Smart system, auto timing, active brake, easy to use

Summit 120HV

1,160.00 ₪Price
    • 32-bit ARM core
    • Auto timing
    • Quick acceleration
    • Anti-spark
    • Reaction torque limit program (Pattern Flight Edition Special)
    • Drag brake & energy recovery
    • Brake Adjustable
    • OPTO throttle signal (HV special)
    • Performance UBEC (Low voltage version special)
    • Multiple protection
    • Full CNC Aluminium case
    • Tests passed with Dualsky GA, HD, EA, DA, ECO motors
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