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Compact design, the port uses horizontal needles, fast plug, for convenient applications;

In-built tri-color input voltage monitor, has a memory function for low voltage;

Support HV servo system (7.4V), switchable.

Default equipped with FSS-4 switch, support FSS-3 Fail Safe switch;

Equipped with heat sink, able to connect external cooling fan.

Support 6pcs 30kg digital servos working at the same time.

Support max 8kg RC Airplane, e.g. 50CC gas engine plane.


VR Pro

160.00 ₪Price
  • Linear regulating, low-ripple, non-interfering;

    Use dual MosFET output, independently linearly control IC, strong capacity for large current output;

    Low dropout design for input/output; taking full advantage of battery capacity, obvious effect on HV mode;

    Very good heat sink ability and anti-overload capacity;

    In-built MCU precisely controls FSS-3 and in-built voltage monitor;

    The whole system adopts Fail Safe design, guaranteeing non-stop working;

    SMT technology for the main board, quality assured;

    Input/output adopts high quality tantalum capacitors;

    Full inspection before leaving factory;


  • Input Voltage: DC5.3V-8.4V, MAX 10V (2S LiPo)

    Output Voltage: 5V, 6V, 7.4V (Switchable, Tolerance ±3%)

    Output Current: DC 0-10A (Vin-Vout≤1V)

    Min Dropout Voltage: ≤0.2V

    Power Effection: 0.30%

    Voltage Effection: 0.30%

    Output Ripple: ≤2mV

    Dimensions: 53*32*18mm

    Weight: 30g (not including other accessories)

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